Case Studies 
Shoeburyness Leisure Centre  
Shoeburyness Leisure Centre  
St Johns C of E Primary School, Glastonbury  
St Marys' Primary School, Croydon  
Haggerston Castle Holiday Park, Northumberland 
Maldwyn Leisure Centre, Newtown, Powys 
Refurbishment of a Commercial Pool  
A 20m x 7.5m commercial pool originally constructed in 1960 of reinforced concrete and marblite. Over the last few years the pool developed a leak and was losing water at a substantial rate. Several attempts by others had been made to correct the problem without success. APS Pool Contracting was instructed by the Local Authority to investigate the source of the leak and to carry out remedial works. The original finishes were stripped out, structural repairs and waterproof tanking was carried out and new main drains, returns and pipework were installed. The pool was then completely tiled.  
Contract duration: 6 weeks – completed on time and on budget.  
Hydrotherapy Pool  
A pool shell constructed by others required our expertise to prevent ground water penetration in excess of 2,500 litres per day. After investigation by APS Pool Contracting, the root cause of the problem was found and the following works were carried out. We used specialist waterproofing injection techniques to seal voids found in the concrete structure and followed this by the application of a Vandex waterproof tanking system. The pool was then tiled, filled and commissioned.  
Contract duration: 5 weeks – completed on time and on budget.  
RSPCA Seal Pool  
The design and build of a bespoke pool for the rehabilitation of seals and other aquatic wildlife in Somerset. The pool included specialist filtration requirements to control nitrates in the water together with an automatic through flow emptying and replenishing system to remove contaminants from treated mammals and birds. 
Contract duration :5 weeks - completed on time and on budget. 
Pool Enclosures 
Indoor or outdoor Swimming Pool ? A pool enclosure will give you both under a single design. The addition of a pool cover will dramatically change the useage of your outdoor pool whatever the weather. Specifically designed and installed to suit each individual pool giving the benefit of swimming all the year round - and the versatility of retracting when the sun shines. 
It will protect your swimming pool from dirt, reducing maintenance and heating costs. The enclosure requires no ground rails but runs on wheels and has built-in lockable sliding doors for added security. 
Invest in Quality, Versatility, Safety, Value for Money 
Coleridge Recreation Centre, Cambridge 
Guilford Lido, Guildford 
Crow Wood Spa & Leisure Complex, Burnley 
Selby Leisure Centre, Selby